Friday, June 22, 2018

22 June 2018: Put your slide collection to use

Do you have a slide collection sitting on the shelf, waiting for you to have the time to do something with it? Of course, you could build a great website, maintain it year after year and eventually be bought out by Google for $50 million, but that doesn't seem probable. We don't want your work to go to waste, and so are creating a Gallery section for images at If you have 500+ high quality digital images with diagnoses and captions, we will create a separate page(s) for them with your biography and picture. We will also post the images in the appropriate areas of our online textbook, and put an announcement in our newsletters. As a result, the images will be seen by many of our daily 30,000 visitors, and you can remove this from your "to do" list. Contact Dr. Pernick at or 248/646-0325 to get started or with any questions.

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