Friday, February 23, 2018

23 February 2018: Updated image policy

Our updated image policy is to rely almost exclusively on images contributed by Authors, our Editorial Board or pathologist contributors. This minimizes bad links because these images are stored on our server. We will also use some images contributed by "preferred sites", including free full text journals, Wikipedia, Webpath, Pathopic, governmental institutions and medical institutions. We are removing Nature links, because they continue to block our website despite our attempts to change this.

If there is a link that you object to for copyright or other reasons, please contact Dr. Pernick directly at and we will take the appropriate action. We do not copy images, except for thumbnails with permission. We do not violate copyright laws, and we respond to copyright "shake downs" (demands for payment for linking to images) by reporting the perpetrator to the appropriate authorities (attorney general, local police, Better Business Bureau, attorney grievance board).

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