Tuesday, May 23, 2017

23 May 2017: Amazon Contest Winners

We have finally picked the winners of our Amazon contest.  This was for the best ways to promote having Pathologists buy books and other items at Amazon.com, via the PathologyOutlines.com site, as a way of supporting our free, no registration website.  Purchases made through links on our website generate a "commission" from Amazon of about 5%, paid directly by Amazon to us, without any cost to the buyer.

The two winners are Dr. Thomas Chong, University of Southern California / Los Angeles County Medical Center and Dr. Abha Soni, University of Alabama in Birmingham.  Each will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

Here are the winning ideas (edited for length):

* List the top books and resources for different categories, such as studying for the AP Boards, CP Boards, Neuropath boards, HemePath boards, etc.  Also - having reviews of hardware (cameras, microscopes, digital scanners, etc.)  We are working on this.

* List recommended books for first/second year residents to buy.  It was recommended to actually create a shopping cart with these books in it, this does not appear to be technically possible at this time.  We are working on this.

Here are the other suggestions (edited for length):

Make it MUCH more user friendly, perhaps via a highly visible link or app. We will work on getting the message out in different ways.

* What if you gave away a $100 gift card to a random person who used the site for their amazon purchases.  We have actually done this in the past.  We may try it again.

* I suggest to acquire list/email add of all medical school and Pathology Societies. Send pamphlets/brochure/emails/ promotions and give discounts for group or bulk purchases.  We are not able to give our own discounts, but we may contact the medical schools to let them know about our services, particularly when we have lists of recommended books.

*  I wonder if people who have Amazon Prime are concerned that going thru the website won’t let them use it?  Maybe a clear statement about that in every mention of the need for folks to go thru Pathology Outlines will help? We will get the message out.

* Have a book review page or segment with a direct link to purchase the book via amazon at the end of the review.  We did have book reviews in the past, but it is difficult to get people to write them.  We may try again in the future.

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