Wednesday, October 26, 2016

26 October 2016: Coolest thing contest

Congratulations to Dr. Oana C. Rafael, Virginia Commonwealth University, for this winning suggestion about the coolest thing to add to's website:

How about a e-Journal Club? Or a mentorship program, where top/well-known pathologists would directly answer trainees' questions?

We plan to start an e-Journal newsletter which goes out every 2-3 months, and highlights important articles selected by one of our editorial board members in his/her specialty.

Regarding Mentorship, we are exploring this feature for issues relating to the Career of Pathology, but not regarding specific diagnostic challenges.

Here are some other suggestions, and our responses:

1. Image database / more images

Our goal is to work towards having all images hosted on our server so the links never go bad.  This will be done through contributions by the authors of the topics, as well as images contributed by Dr. Mark Wick and noncopyrighted images from the AFIP Third or Second series.  In effect, our website is currently an image database, sorted by chapter and topic, although many images are actually housed on other servers.

2. Have regular quizzes based on website content

Short term, we plan to add a board review type question to each Case of the Week.  Long term, we plan to add a Question bank based on the Essential Features which are part of all newly written or updated topics.

3. Monthly cartoon or funny photos of specimens

We are discussing.

4. Digital slides, including rare cases with annotation capability

We are asking our authors to link to relevant digital slides available on the web for each topic.  At this point, we do not have the capability to set up our own digital slide server.

5. Clinical / histology images (side by side), covering the life cycle of the lesion (to wit, incipient lesion, full blown, and resolving or late stage)

This is most applicable to Derm - we will ask the authors of topics to try to include these types of images

6. More links to immunostains and diagnoses in topics 

We are doing more of this, but at this time are of the view that too many links are distracting, so we focus on links in the Positive / Negative stain sections and under Differential Diagnosis.
7. Ideas that we may pursue, but would be difficult for us to do.  But we welcome the suggestions / assistance of others who are interested:

- Profile of an interesting pathologist
- Video of a pathology grand round
- Image diagnosis contest
- Pathology Chatbot, see
- Review of testing in integrative / holistic medicine
- User ratings or curated comments of texts and educational courses
- Database for IHC staining of various tumors

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