Friday, January 8, 2016

8 January 2016: Updating the Textbook

It is an overwhelming task to keep our free online textbook up to date, but we are working towards a goal of updating each topic every 2 years.  At approximately 7,000 topics, this means posting 70 updates a week.  Since we started keeping track in May 2015, we have updated 191 topics.  Currently we are averaging 8 topic updates per week, so we have a ways to go.  

As of today, we have 6 active Editors and 33 active Authors, with a goal of 20 Editors and 60 Authors by the end of 2016.  Qualifications for Authors are listed on our Instructions for Authors page.  If you meet these qualifications, want to help pathologists worldwide, and are NOT motivated primarily by money, please email your CV and indicate your areas of interest.

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