Friday, November 6, 2015

6 November 2015: Blocking of Images by Nature

The publisher Nature is still blocking many of the images from Modern Pathology or other Nature publications that we are linking to.  To get around this issue, cut and paste the URL of the image into a new tab.  This works because the image will now be loaded from your server, not ours.  We are also:

* Attempting to resolve this issue with Nature, although we have been unsuccessful for several years.  For the first year, they denied that they were blocking us at all.  Then they indicated that the block was because we were driving too much traffic to their websites.

* Asking authors to contribute their own images, which we will post on our server. 

* Posting more images on our server from other sources, such as the AFIP Third Series (not subject to copyright since published by the US Government), images contributed by Dr. Mark R. Wick, and images contributed by others who are not necessarily authors.

* As topics are updated, rearranging images in this order with labels for each section: (1) images posted on our server (not blocked, links will not go bad), (2) images from "trusted websites" unlikely to go bad, such as WebPath, WebPathology, PathoPics, Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and PMC (free pubmed) journals, (3) images from other sources, (4) images from Nature publications (to warn you that they may be blocked).

* As topics are updated, removing bad links, and removing Nature links if they are being blocked and the images are not needed.

We appreciate your feedback.

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