Friday, October 9, 2015

9 October 2015: Conference ads and Job-Other ads

Many Pathologists were asking us for 2016 Conference dates at CAP. We encourage you to post your 2016 conferences early for these reasons: It is one price for the ad no matter how long it runs. You can post a "save the date" ad now for 2016 and then update it later. Pathologists are planning their time off for 2016 and many need to know the 2016 conference dates now. Posting your conference ad early avoids conflicting dates with other conferences that Pathologists may want to attend.  Remember we have 2 options for your ads.  You can post a large, highlighted ad with text, graphics and links for $625, or a simple, one line ad with name, location and link for $325.  You can email your ad to with a copy to

In order to mainstream the job search process, we have decided to move the Job-other ads (Pathology Assistants, Cytotechnologists, Flow Cytometry technicians, etc.) to the main Pathologist Jobs page, starting January 1st.  We will probably list them under Miscellaneous in the table of contents.  We will also be raising the price of these ads to $500, since there is significantly more traffic on the Jobs page than there was on the Jobs-other page.  We list pathology-related jobs as a service to the pathology community, but have found that certain positions such as Histotechnologists get little to no response to their ads with us.

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