Friday, September 4, 2015

4 September 2015: New website format being implemented

We are moving forward with converting our chapters and topics into our new "Phase 2" format.  Each page will have a common header and footer, and a navigation "breadcrumb" at the beginning and end.  The chapter and topic pages will also have a more consistent format, and each Topic page will have a Table of Contents at the beginning.  We are also removing the sometimes obnoxious Google ads.  

To date, we have converted all of the Chapter pages, and are converting new topics as they are updated.  We are also starting to convert each topic in the Stains chapter, from beginning to end, to the new format.  However, it will take a while to convert all 7000 topics.

We are also creating a more mobile friendly version of the website, beginning with a mobile version of the Home Page.  We hope to have at least part of it available by USCAP 2016.

- Nat


  1. If u need any help I would be happy to do so. Regards. Rehdam

  2. Thank you but our staff should be able to handle the updates.