Monday, August 17, 2015

17 August 2015: Phase 2 of website update is starting

We are starting our second phase of our website update.  In the first phase, we converted all of our textbook and other pages to a database format, although it was not apparent to users.  We also changed the Home Page to a cleaner look.  For phase 2, the pages will also have a cleaner look, as well as these improvements:

* Each page will have the same standardized header and footer, to make it easier to navigate the website
* Each topic will have standardized section headings, with an Index of Headings at the beginning
* The top and bottom of each page will have a "breadcrumb", showing the navigation history
* This format is easier to view with mobile, and will be easier to adapt to our more mobile-friendly features in the future
* We are fixing bad links with each revision
* There will be no "stupid" Google ads on the new pages

We are testing these pages, but we know we won't find every problem, so please email me at with any errors or concerns.  We acknowledge some minor formatting issues regarding font size and type, spacing, etc., which we are noting, but will fix later.  Initially, our concern is getting each of the 7000 pages converted to the new format, and making sure all the pages work as they are supposed to.

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