Monday, April 20, 2015

20 April 2015: Home Page Changes

We have made several changes to the Home Page.

First, we have added Amazon links to the Header and Footer.  Please click on the link, and bookmark this Amazon page as the place to start when purchasing books or other items.  To improve our website, we are making expensive (for us) investments in IT upgrades, more frequent updates and an Editorial Board.  Your purchases at Amazon, made through our website, help make these upgrades possible.  You can also visit Amazon through the links on our Books pages.

Second, we have removed 2 lines of ads from the Home Page (towards the bottom), so the page looks less cluttered.

Third, we have made some minor formatting changes: "reviewers" to "authors", slight change to Header color, change to Footer color to match Header, changed "surgical pathology chapters" to "anatomic pathology chapters" (a more accurate term), added links to future Muscle and Pediatric Pathology chapters.

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