Tuesday, January 21, 2014

20 January 2014 - COW #297

We don't have much controversy on our website, but there was a little regarding Case of the Week #297.  The question was whether this was an adenomatoid tumor (the contributor's diagnosis, based on the presence of a mass) or mesothelial hyperplasia (no mass).  The first problem was that the contributor included some micro images of adenomatoid tumor from another case, to illustrate some features sometimes seen in this tumor.  Unfortunately, I put them all together, which was my mistake, and which undermined the legitimacy of the diagnosis to some.  These images from another case were subsequently removed from COW #297.

The second issue is whether or not there actually was a mass.  Based on the image below, and the contributor's statement that this was a mass, I conclude that there really was a mass, but others are free to disagree.

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