Monday, October 28, 2019

28 October 2019: Our Mission

I thought it helpful to reiterate our mission, which is to help Pathologists find information fast so we can do a better job. Helping Pathologists is more important than making money. After I started the website in August 2001, it took several years before we were making any money (I was not being paid anything but was covering all the expenses personally).

This philosophy is important because we frequently get asked by potential advertisers to take some action that will compromise our relationship with pathologists. We have been pushed hard to give out our email lists (which we do not do), to require registration, to have obnoxious ads (that expand into the page) and to partner with individuals or organizations that we believe will degrade the website.

We do have a labor intensive website, with 13 current employees (plus recruitment for a few more) to support 100 active authors, 19 editorial board members, an Editor-in-Chief and a Deputy Editor-in-Chief. We also have expensive consultants for IT, productivity software, management, accounting and the law. But we try to ensure that any advertising adds to, or at least does not detract from our mission.

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