Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July's Features of the Month

We want to highlight some new features that you may not be aware of.  For the Jobs page, we have a new quarterly Jobs Report (link to all Job Reports is near the top of the Jobs page, in orange) that discusses trends in the Job market.  At the bottom of the Search Jobs section is a new feature, Regional totals by subspecialty.  Just use the drop down box to select the Subspecialty.  

The Conferences page now lists conferences by Organization, for those that post a large number of conferences in a calendar year, such as ASCP, CAP and USCAP.   We have also combined Webinars and Conferences on the same page.

There are no structural changes to the Fellowship page, but at this time of year, we tend to make more updates about available openings, so check back often.

You can sign up for the JFC email, sent every 2 weeks, for more updates on Jobs, Fellowships and Conferences.

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