Wednesday, October 26, 2016

26 October 2016: Survey Results

We have now compiled the results of the Surveys from the ASCP and CAP conferences.  Most people liked the website and used it regularly, but these are the main suggestions / comments, and our responses:

1. Pictures don't load / more pictures (gross, micro)

This was a common response.  To fix this, we are:
(a) continuing to convert all 7000 topics to our new Template format, and fixing any bad links.  We are removing most of the Nature links, which did not work because is blocking our website.
(b) asking Authors to contribute their own images, which we host on our server, so the links will never go bad
(c) planning to add thousand more images, beginning in 2017, from the AFIP third series and the Dr. Wick collection (with his permission).

2. Add image server / allow user submissions.

Users can submit images which they own to us for posting.  We will use whatever attribution they want, or anonymous.  There is no payment for image submissions.  Turn around is typically within 2 weeks for posting.

3. Mobile device app

We cannot put the entire website on an app, because it is too big.  However, we are making the website more mobile friendly.  In addition, we are considering an app for parts of the website - let us know your suggestions on what to start with.

4. More references, more up to date references, more IHC detail

We are asking contributing authors to do this.

5. Better search bar

We have posted a blog entry on Search techniques early today, which may help.

6. List most popular searches, most popular pages

We will start doing this.

7. Residents forum

We are not pursuing this at this time - there appear to be alternatives at other sites.

8. More clinical pathology

We are working on getting authors to write more in these areas. 

9. Miscellaneous - more clarification would be helpful

- Improved website design / user interface
- Member section
- Updated fellowship information
- Helpful resources page

To respond, please contact Dr. Pernick at

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