Monday, August 8, 2016

8 August 2016: Reach the pathology market quickly and inexpensively with our Email newsletters

We offer companies and laboratories a great opportunity to reach Pathologists quickly and relatively inexpensively, by advertising in our various email newsletters.  These newsletters are received only by those who sign up for them, either online or at conferences.  This means the content, including your advertisement, is more likely to be read thoroughly.  

We currently have 5 emailed newsletters: 

Case of Week - sent 3 weeks per month and posted permanently - 6,559 subscribers
Commercial / Promotions - sent up to 2 times per month - 8,119 subscribers
Jobs, Fellowships, Conferences email - sent every 2 weeks - 4,715 subscribers
Website news email - sent monthly - 3,559 subscribers
What's New email - sent quarterly and posted permanently - 9,070 subscribers

Subscribers are removed if the emails are bad, so the counts, which are from 8/8/16, are valid.

Contact Sara at or 248/646-0325 for more details.

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