Monday, January 25, 2016

25 January 2016: New books database

We are starting to add books to our new books database.  The advantages of this major change are: (a) all books will have a standard format, (b) books will be searchable by words in the title, any author, year and specialty, (c) changes / errors will be fixed wherever a book appears, (d) there will now only be one static books page, and multiple dynamic pages created when you do a search, (e) our staff will be more productive (once all the books are added), which means we can work on other things!

For now, the links go to the "old" books pages.  I anticipate that we will switch the links to the new page by the USCAP meeting.  However, it is possible to access the new page using the links at the bottom of the chapter pages.  For now, some books may appear twice, but this will be cleaned up when all the books are added to the database.

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