Thursday, October 8, 2015

8 October 2015: Thanks for your comments at CAP '15

Thanks to all who stopped by our booth at CAP'15, and participated in our "focus groups" or otherwise gave us feedback.  These are some ideas we are working on:

* Use primarily images posted on our server, whose links will NOT go bad.  We will concentrate on images from authors or other contributors, the AFIP third series and Dr. Wick's images. We will not post on Flickr, which is blocked by some institutions.  We will also have a weekly "images needed" feature.  Outside websites we will continue to use (because we have special relationships) include, PathoPic, WebPath and Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine.
* Add a section at the end of each topic of 3-5 "Essential features".  Ultimately, we may be able to generate quiz questions from these essential features.
* Explore an App for the entire website, or parts of it.
* Include a Topic Search feature.
* Resume the Superpages, which have all topics associated with a chapter in one continuous page.
* Accelerate the pace of updates and new material (particularly Clinical Pathology and Neuropathology) by expanding our Editorial Board and the number of Authors.

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