Tuesday, September 8, 2015

8 September 2015: Removal of Books for Dermatologists

Beginning 2016, we are planning to remove the books listed on the Books page in the section "Books for Dermatologists".  Many years ago, we had a Dermatology version of the website (DermatologyOutlines.com), and we created a separate Books section for them.  However, there never was much interest in the Dermatology website, so we discontinued it (and redirected it to PathologyOutlines.com), but kept the Books.  Since we are a Pathology website, there really is no point to keeping the books that are of interest to Dermatologists but not Pathologists.  Of course, we are keeping all the Dermatopathology books.  If there are any specific books in the Dermatology section, or others like them, that you want us to keep, please email Dr. Pernick at NatPernick@gmail.com.

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