Friday, January 23, 2015

23 January 2015: Membership Option and other changes

As you know, is committed to being a free, no registration website to help you find pathology information fast.  We are in the middle of several upgrades that will be expensive to implement, including an expanded Editorial Board and a Smart Phone version of the website.  To pay for these improvements, we are starting an optional Membership Support program that honors and rewards these supporters.  

All members will be recognized on the website and on banners displayed at conferences we attend.  Institutional members will get a refund / dividend check of 5-15% of all advertisements paid for during the one year term of each membership, and a set amount of basic memberships.  Basic members will get a gift package(s) shipped to them, or available for pick up at one of the conferences we attend.  Members will also receive an exclusive quarterly email, and other prizes / incentives.  Let us know what incentives you would like to receive for being a member.

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