Sunday, June 1, 2014

1 June 2014: Record traffic in May

In May 2014, we had record traffic of 623,482 visits, with a daily record of 25,244 visits on May 14.  Thanks for your support, as we continue to improve the website.

We are fixing the problems with thumbnails (the links work fine).  The thumbnails are links to their images, and apparently were generating excessive traffic to their website, because every time a page loads with the thumbnails, it accesses their site to load each thumbnail.  The solution is for us to copy the thumbnails (with their permission), so their website is only accessed when a visitor clicks the link.  Of course, this should cause the same issue for our website, but for some reason, it does not (we have a dedicated server and may be configured differently).  So, we will gradually be solving this problem.

This may have been the problem with the Nature thumbnails and links.  The difference was that the owner of, Dr. Dharam Ramnani, was willing and able to discuss the issue with us, and we could work out a solution within a few days.  With Nature, they denied that there was a problem for a year, and although I did talk to several individuals there, was never able to penetrate their bureaucracy.  Theoretically we could copy their thumbnails (see Perfect 10 vs. Google), but we don't like to do that without explicit permission.

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