Monday, February 3, 2014

3 Feb 2014: New Stains, Book of the Month

We have posted information on two new Stains / biomarkers:  ARID1A  is part of a chromatin-remodeling complex which is inactivated in many malignancies, and may be a poor prognostic marker.   ATRX is a chromatin remodelling protein lost in high grade astrocytomas and pancreatic endocrine tumors.  Dr. Gina Johnson updated Androgen Receptor, as part of our A-Z update of stains.

On the left side of the Home Page, we are now posting 2 Books of the Month, which we believe will be of interest to pathologists.  Some of these books may also be paid advertisers.  To advertise your book, contact Sara Halladay-Klakulak at 248/646-0325 or

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