Friday, February 28, 2014

28 February 2014: 4000 + Done + USCAP

Thanks to Baylor College of Medicine (who posted ad #4000) and the 3999 other advertisers since started in August 2001.  For many years, pathologists were very skeptical about our website - how could it possibly be free?  By now, most pathologists recognize that it is, in fact, a free no registration website, paid for by advertising of pathology related jobs, conferences and fellowships.  We also have advertising on our Home page, Management page, Buyer's Guide, Case of the Week and other emails.  We also have an affiliate relationship with Amazon, meaning that they pay us ~ 5% of the purchase price of anything bought on, if you enter Amazon through our website (by clicking on a link or banner).  We also promote books of various publishers, and receive money when visitors click on Google ads.  We do NOT allow popup ads, or other obnoxious ads.  The free website model has worked very well for us, and we plan to continue.

We have (finally) converted all 6700+ topics on our website to topic format, with completion of the Eye chapter.  The next big task is converting to a template based system that will also adapt to tablets and smart phones.  This is (still) under development, but we hope to get it started soon.

Look for us at USCAP, booth #324.  We have a new survey, seeking to know your favorite pathology related books.  We will publish the results after the conference.  We are thinking of having an optional Membership in  This will help us with our expansion plans.  Members will get a discount on advertising, and their names will be posted on the website.  Perhaps there can be some other benefits.  What do you think?

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