Friday, February 23, 2018

23 February 2018: Updated image policy

Our updated image policy is to rely almost exclusively on images contributed by Authors, our Editorial Board or pathologist contributors. This minimizes bad links because these images are stored on our server. We will also use some images contributed by "preferred sites", including free full text journals, Wikipedia, Webpath, Pathopic, governmental institutions and medical institutions. We are removing Nature links, because they continue to block our website despite our attempts to change this.

If there is a link that you object to for copyright or other reasons, please contact Dr. Pernick directly at and we will take the appropriate action. We do not copy images, except for thumbnails with permission. We do not violate copyright laws, and we respond to copyright "shake downs" (demands for payment for linking to images) by reporting the perpetrator to the appropriate authorities (attorney general, local police, Better Business Bureau, attorney grievance board).

Friday, February 16, 2018

16 February 2018: Follow us on Instagram!

We are now active on Instagram @pathoutlines. We will post interesting cases there.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

15 February 2018: Changes regarding Images

In response to users, we are advising Authors to contribute their own images, or those from others who give permission, so they can be posted on our server. These images will not disappear over time. As a result, users will gradually see reductions in images from other websites and fewer bad image links. Even if you are not an author, we welcome you to contribute high quality images of topics not well represented on our website, whether micro, gross, IHC, molecular, EM or clinical. They should be sent as attachments to, with a figure legend. Please also indicate the name and institution of the contributor(s).

15 February 2018: New CME page

Our CME page has a cleaner look, and now has 63 offerings. You can search for CME by subspecialty, by organization, by date posted as well as by expiration date (so sign up for CME courses that expire soon).

15 February 2018: 2017 Jobs Summary

We have now posted the 2017 Summary of our Jobs Report. Click here to view the report. It is also accessible from the Jobs page by clicking on the orange link.  It begins:

For calendar year 2017, there were 660 job postings for full time or part time pathologists at, which form the basis for the statistics below. This is a 15.8% increase from the 570 ads posted in 2016 (see 2016 Jobs Summary). We have excluded postings that were only for locum, Ph.D., residency, fellowship or non-pathologist positions. Of these postings, 614 were for 1 position, 21 were for 2 positions, 2 were for 3 positions, 22 were for an unspecified number of positions greater than 1 and and 1 was for an unspecified number of positions greater than 3.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

7 February 2018: Textbook Updates

We have posted updated reviews of the following topics:

7 February 2018: New Payment page and other changes

We now have a separate Payment page, distinct from the Advertise page (they were together). The Advertise page will give more information about banner and email advertising. Also, the Amazon link on the top line of the banner was removed (it is still in the footer), and we moved Contact us from the bottom of the header to the top of the header (to make room for the payment link).
Let us know if you have any questions.